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Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Owners of commercial property are responsible for ensuring the safety of patrons and passers-by. When property owners and managers fail to live up to these basic duties, accidents may happen that result in serious injuries and death.

If you slipped and fell on someone else's property, do not assume that clumsiness was the cause, and do not minimize your injuries. The pain and suffering you are experiencing may be the result of hazards that were outright ignored or were easily preventable.

The Legal Advocacy You Need Following A Serious Accident

At Little Law Office, we hold property owners accountable when falls and other dangerous incidents occur in their stores and parking lots. Poor maintenance of sidewalks, steps or stairwells can lead to serious injuries. Inadequate security can result in assaults or other criminal encounters.

In those types of injury claims, we strive to prove that an owner or employee was:

  • Aware of the hazard
  • Should have known about the potential dangers
  • Directly caused the conditions that led to the accident

While you focus on recovery, we will look into every detail of your accident. We will thoroughly investigate the accident scene, and we will interview witnesses and review any relevant documentation.

The attorneys at Little Law Office do not shy away from the courtroom; our goal is to secure maximum compensation. While settlements are common and allow you to move on with your life, we prepare all cases for trial in the event that negotiations fall through.

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At our Madisonville-based firm, we handle all personal injury claims on contingency. You will owe nothing unless we prevail and secure compensation on your behalf. To schedule an initial consultation, call Little Law Office at 270-821-0711 or send us an email.

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